«Boteon Robotics Khackathon»

«Boteon Robotics Khackathon»

World Box Robotics Association

with the support of K2 promotion company and Alexandr Usyk invites you to take part in this new type of intellectual competition.


All the rules and categories of participants will be developed by the newly established working group. We already have participants from Hungary (Cloud Robotics) and looking for more roboboxer teams.


invitation letter


All who wish to participate in the first battles and become an author of association rules, please contact:


Reznichenko Alex — [email protected]


World Box Robotics Association


It is big honor to invite you to take part in our Robotics Events.


Our community is based on — «Boteon Robotics Khackathon» — intellectual game with hackathon on assembly and programming humanoid robot.

This event gives rise to a large-scale intellectual learning opensource project in robotics . Further development of the project will be in the form of competition between the teams. Team meeting is held regularly every three months , teams have the opportunity to show the work done over this period of work , their achievements and compete on a mandatory program. Winners determined by the jury.

There are real applied tasks for a short period of time (quarter — 3 months) and there is a global goal to which aspire all teams participating in the Hackathon.

Opensource project with accumulation of collective knowledge on the our web portal www.boteon.com

During the «Hackaton» necessary to create the highest quality and efficient software that allows in preference to the other participants to perform a basic control task.


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Центр робототехники "BOTEON".
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