Big plans for 2015 — Boteon StartUps

Big plans for 2015 - Boteon StartUps

StartUP projects team Boteon, scheduled for 2015.

Franchise — robotics courses for children and adults «Boteon Education»




A novelty in 2015 will be an opportunity to study and train autonomously !!! !!! without being attached to the room with computers, internet, electricity and equipment!

To study the robotics and programming you no longer need a PC — you will assemble it yourself at the first lesson!

Drawing on extensive experience in teaching, engineering and scientific activities, explore the market of the CIS countries, as well as the direct participation of our partners from Israel and Europe, we have developed a multi-level educational programs.

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Promobot — humanoid Yosha

A novelty in 2015 will be robot Yosha — a new model of a humanoid robot promo, created on the basis of the design bureau LabSeven.

Another three robot pilot batch we plan to create in each of our branch (Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia) and, subsequently, to make this model series. The robot will also be used in the educational center.



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Opening a branch Boteon Robotics in Haifa, Israel

In the end of 2014 we started cooperation with the Haifa Technion Technological University. The plans for 2015 to continue and deepen cooperation, to develop a training center and design office based Madatech Technion.



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Manipulator for people with disabilities

In 2015, we plan to allocate adequate resources to continue the development of the manipulator for the disabled. In the near future:

— Modify the software to control arm;

— To identify problems and design flaws;

— Make adjustments and make a new and improved model.

If it’ll be possible to allocate sufficient funds for modernization and revision of the hands, the plan is to present this hand to test Dmitry this summer.


Wishing to participate in this project, are still welcome to join. For participants in the project is fully open.

Part of the work plan to produce in a new design bureau Haifa, together with FabLaB MadaTech.




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