LabSeven :: pilot production and testing laboratory

LabSeven :: pilot production and testing laboratory

Labseven — experimental production and testing laboratory


Our Team well known on the robotics market. We can solve all the range of issues that are in robotics. Labseven offer all professional services that can be adapted to meet medical, social, agricultural, industrial, and prototype development needs. We have specialists in CAD/CAM/CAE, customised PCB boards, mechanical parts fabrication and calculations, control systems, custom software.

Our team is based on Boteon platform all of us have strong connections in the universities and research centres of Kharkiv — we are collaboration of great professionals – freelancers, we bring together the best expertise from industry and the academic community.

For each project it will be easy to recruit the highest caliber of high tech talent from our coworking. Every day, each of us adds new knowledge to the community.


Our motto is «From collective knowledge, to personal success»


 The members of the Labseven Laboratory explore, design, and build robotic systems, mechatronics and automation systems for disabled people, rehabilitative medicine, agricultural, manufacture, in consumer, cooking, industrial, automotive, banking, commercial and military applications.

The main engineering fields where we masters: Information Technology (IT), Mechanics, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Signal Processing.




Robotics & Automation

  • manipulators (robotic arms, industrial line)
  • vending robots
  • service robots (for medical and home use)
  • custom robots (intelligent building, lifts, lines)
  • mobile robots (wheeled, track, vehicle automation)
  • unmanned aerial vehicles: UAV
  • marine robots, humanoid (biped), quadruped, hexapod robots



Information Technology

  • math workbench (Scilab/Scicos, MATLAB/Simulink, EICASLAB, MathCad, Mathematica)
  • controller programming for embedded systems
  • Atmel (AVR), STM, Intel, MicroChip (PIC), ARM, NXP, Arduino, RaspBerry PI
  • Linux OS, RTOS
  • GUI




  • schematic design (simulation Protel, OrCAD)
  • PCB design/development/prototyping (layout, components, gerber data, milling data)
  • electronic device design/assembly/testing/commissioning
  • automatic soldering
  • wireless systems




  • rapid prototyping (3D printing, CNC laser/milling, TruBend, TruMatic)
  • welding, induction furnace
  • mechanical part design: CAD design
  • mechanical analysis/design/prototyping and testing
  • mechanical simulations
  • Ansys



Communication, Wireless and Filtering

  • Ultra Wide Band
  • WiFi, ZigBee, GPRS
  • ModBus, CanBus, WAN, RS-485
  • I2C, USB
  • sensor data acquisition and filtering



Artificial Intelligence

  • neural, sensor networks
  • photo, video object detecting
  • image, pattern recognition
  • data mining
  • statistical algorithm



Web Based Application

  • WEB-server application (intelligent building)
  • custom software
  • PLC programming
  • smartphone application for iphone and android OS



Labseven — опытное производство и испытательная лаборатория



E-mail: [email protected] tel: +97 (254) 578 29 44    Алексей Skype:

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