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Develop Robotics outsourcing in Ukraine

While many Israeli high-tech firms send work offshore to Eastern Europe, India or China, some in recent years have begun to work with Ukrainians. 


Since the beginning of 2014 there is a flurry of news related to the development initiatives of IT outsourcing in Ukraine.

Indeed, this sector of the economy is quite independent and self-sufficient in modern Ukraine, its prospects depend largely on the price of the software in the United States and Europe, as well as the price of labor resources and their number in the country. Well, of course, on public policy in this area, which has recently become quite active.

And our company not an exception in this connection. Since 2012 Boteon Robotics developed a list of interesting projects on Ukrainian market. Now we are working to consolidate on Israeli market and create good connections to doing outsourcing. Our specialization is automatics and robotics systems.


About us

Our team is well experienced and love their work. We have good stuff and equipment for pilot manufacturing of electronics, construction and mechanics. Our programmers acquired good skills doing embedded systems, humanoid robots and smart house.


Labseven - experimental production and testing laboratory



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contact us: +972545782944


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