Lesons For Andurino

Сумской Анатолий Олександрович

Leson 1: Light control

Lesson 1: Light control


1. General information about Arduino
2. Electricity.
3. Breadboard
4. Resistor
5. LED
6. Button
7. Getting started with S4A

Theoretical part



1. General information about Arduino
At the first lesson we will gain familiarity with the Arduino platform and learn how to use it to create different types of light fixtures.
Platform Arduino is a controller, using which you can collect and process information from sensors, and control a variety of devices: motors, displays, LEDs, etc.
There is a great variety of Arduino models, we will use the platform ArduinoMega 2560.
The exterior of Arduino Mega is shown in Figure where:
             1. USB port for connecting Arduino to a computer and power source 5V.
             2. Connector for an additional power source 9V.
             3. Microcontroller – makes all the computing operations, data collection and processing, controls external devices.
             4. Reset button – Restart. Runs the program over again.
             5. Built-in LED – connected to 13 port.

Arduino Mega 2560

Picture 1 - Arduino Mega 2560


External devices are connected to the numbered ports (pins).